Muong Lo Hotel - Nghia Lo Town,

Muong Lo Hotel - Nghia Lo Town

  •   17/06/2015 08:26:49 PM
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Muong Lo Hotel is located at gateway of Yen Bai province to the west, roadside of Bauhinia variegata flower tree are white, fresh air, elegantly furnished rooms, each room is arranged in different colors...

Pho Nui Hotel - Tu Le

Pho Nui Hotel in Tu Le

  •   17/06/2015 08:23:43 PM
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Located in Tu Le Ward, Van Chan District, Yen Bai province, About 54 km f-rom Mu Cang Chai town, and 61 km f-rom Nghia Lo town..

Suoi Mo Hotel  in  Mu Cang Chai Town

Suoi Mo Hotel in Mu Cang Chai Town

  •   17/06/2015 08:21:09 PM
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Suoi Mo Hotel is located in the center of town Mu Cang Chai, close to district administration, interesting tourist route, entertainment and shopping area...

Hong Minh Guest house

Hong Minh Guest house

  •   17/06/2015 08:18:11 PM
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Located at Nga Ba Kim - Mu Cang Chai District - Yen Bai Province, about 16 km f-rom Mu Cang Chai town, 02 km to heritage terraces La Pan Tan Commune, Che Cu Nha..

Mount Hotel in Tu Le town

Mount Hotel in Tu Le town

  •   17/06/2015 08:08:08 PM
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The hotel is located in the western mountain city of Yen Bai province, with fresh air, around 30m2/ rooms, elegantly furniture, each room was designed in different colors to make a feeling cool in summer and in winter..

Homestay in the Thai village

Homestay in the Thai village, Mu Cang Chai town

  •   17/06/2015 08:06:35 PM
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The Thai village is located in peaceful and beautiful place, close to center of Mu Cang Chai, 02km to the west, f-rom the Thai village you can enjoy panoramic view of Mu Cang Chai...

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