Things to remember and things to not miss in Vietnam

  •   08/02/2015 09:42:03 AM
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Things do not to miss: - Sleeping out on deck on a boat in Halong Bay - Ordering custom-made clothes f-rom the local tailor shop - Taking a slow cyclo ride through the French Quarter of old Saigon - Eating pho ga (chicken noodle soup) at a street side noodle stalls...

Top responsible travel tips for Vietnam

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Top responsible travel tips for Vietnam: 1. Be considerate of Vietnam’s customs, traditions, religion and culture. 2. Dress modestly and respectfully. Shoulders to knees should be covered, especially when entering places of worship. 3. For environmental reasons, try to avoid buying bottled water. Instead, fill a reusable water bottle or canteen with filtered water...

VAT Refund

  •   10/02/2015 10:04:05 AM
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Since 1 July 2014, the VAT refund for purchases made in Viet Nam by foreigners, overseas Vietnamese when leaving Viet Nam has been officially implemented in 7 international border gates, including Noi Bai International Airport (Ha Noi), Da Nang International Airport (Da Nang City), Cam Ranh International Airport (Khanh Hoa Province), Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City), Da Nang International Seaport (Da Nang City), Nha Trang International Seaport (Khanh Hoa Province), and Khanh Hoi International Seaport (Ho Chi Minh City). VAT refunded goods must meet following equirements...

Communicating with Vietnamese people

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The Vietnamese people value modesty and humility as well as harmonious relations with others. Seeking to avoid conflict in relationships, they often prefer to speak about sensitive subjects indirectly. Traditionally, Vietnamese people list their family name first, then their middle name, with their first (given) name listed as last. Family members use different given names (first names aren't passed down), and the name reflects some meaning. Some names can be used for either gender...

Get Hanoi Free Tour Guides for your Hanoi city tour

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Hanoikids, established in 2006, is known as a student-run organization based in Hanoi, Vietnam. By voluntarily taking city tours in Hanoi, we hope to bring travellers f-rom all over the world an insight into our culture, tradition and beautiful sight-seeings. Each member of the club can explore their full potential through cross-cultural experiences and extracurricular activities...

Whe-re to get tailor made clothes in Vietnam?

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Most of the clothing that is marketed currently comes f-rom Asia. In Vietnam there are many shops whe-re to buy clothes, shoes and apparel to measure, as there are large Vietnamese tailors. During your visit to Southeast Asia, don't miss the opportunity to buy clothes and apparel custom. Would you like to know whe-re to make a suit in Vietnam? Here are some clues...

Tourism season of Vietnam

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Vietnam is located in both a tropical and a temperate zone. It is c-haracterized by strong monsoon influences, but has a considerable amount of sun, a high rate of rainfall, and high humidity. Regions located near the tropics and in the mountainous regions are endowed with a temperate climate....

What to pack

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The first step to forget nothing is to establish a list of everything that you must carry in your bag: clothes, underwear, shoes, important documents, camera, c-hargers, toiletry kit, medicine kit and a good book for hours waiting at the airport...

Why You Need to Visit Vietnam

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If you only have time to explore one country in Southeast Asia, choose VIETNAM! Let’s admit it, when it comes to travel, Vietnam gets a bit of a bad rep. Before coming here all I heard were stories of travel scams, robberies, aggressive touts, and warnings that I’d be treated like a walking dollar sign. I was beginning to wonder whether I even wanted to spend a full month in this country, but 31 days later as my Vietnamese visa is about to expire, I am sad to leave Vietnam behind.

Electricity and communication

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Internet: You can find Internet access almost everywhe-re in Southeast Asia now. All hotels (f-rom 3* standard) in tourist cities and towns are well equipped with Wifi Internet that is available to all guests free of c-harge. Telephone: The telephone network is quite well developed in Vietnam as well as in other Indochinese countries. For domestic calls within a city or province, you do not need to dial the local codes Electricity: Electrical current is 220 volts and most hotels have plugs and adapters of both U.S and European standards.

Genreral information - Key facts

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Name: The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Capital: Hanoi Official language: Vietnamese Official script: Vietnamese alphabet

Cultural do and don't

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Indochinese people are perhaps the most ardent peace lovers in the world. They have longstanding tradition of hospitality and respect for guests. In return, there are things you are expected to do or not in order to keep your journey smooth and enjoyable...

Sim card and using 3G in Vietnam for smartphone

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How to buy Vietnam SIM and setting: Let’s buy a SIM first when you arrived at Vietnam. I will introduce the SIM type, shop, price, how to set. Se-lect the phone line company: Mobifone, Vinaphone, Viettel are famous company in Vietnam. Other company network is difficult to connect, but these 3 company is all right as follow...

Top Things to Do in Vietnam

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Spend the night on Halong Bay: This UNESCO world heritage site offers stunning limestone karst scenery. Hire a private junk and sleep on the water, then spend the next day sea kayaking into caves and visiting local fishing villages...

Hello in Vietnamese

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So why learn to say hello in Vietnamese? Even knowing just a few basic expressions in the local language will enhance your trip. Showing an interest in the local culture will not only land you a few smiles along the way, you may get slightly better treatment than the average tourist who just blasts through without bothering to learn...

International Flight to Vietnam

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There are currently many airlines operating flights to Vietnam. The main ports of entry for air travel are Tan Son Nhat airport (SGN) in Ho Chi Minh City or Noi Bai Airport (HAN) in Hanoi. The number of direct routes f-rom Australia, Europe and North America to Vietnam are still very limited and most flights departing f-rom these regions to Vietnam involve a transit in Hongkong, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo or Singapore...

Domestic Flight in Vietnam

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Overview: The airway market in Vietnam now has only seven domestic companies. The biggest and most influential one is Vietnam Airlines, a state – owned airway corporation, which makes up approximately 70% of domestic market share. Following it are the two private airlines named Jet Star Pacific and Air Mekong, which focus more on low-cost air market. Some other small and new airlines such as Blue Sky Air, Vasco and the latest licensed Vietjet Air are growing slowly in the Vietnam airways market...

North-South Train of Vietnam

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The North – South Express Railway is the interprovincial train route under the management of Vietnam Railways Corporation. It begins in Hanoi and end in Ho Chi Minh City. As the purpose of this railway is to connect the North and the South of Vietnam, in particular Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, it is also called Reunification Express...

Hanoi - Sapa Train - Night Train

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The best way for tourists to travel to Sapa - one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam - is to travel by train, thanks to its advantage of both time and money. Departing f-rom Hanoistation during night time, the train arrives at Lao Cai station, a city adjacent to Chinese border, in early morning and vice versa...


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