Muong Ethnic Minority

Muong Ethnic Minority in Yen Bai

  •   18/06/2015 06:58
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Muong minority at Yen Bai has about 14,000 people, accounting for 1.92% of the province's population, living in 11 communes of Van Chan district, Nghia Lo and Social Regulation Mong Tran Yen district. Residents are also scattered in other districts in the province. In Yen Bai, only a fellow called himself "Muong"...

Hung King’s Death Anniversary- Hung Temple Festival

Hung King’s Death Anniversary- Hung Temple Festival

  •   24/04/2015 10:34
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Hung Temple Festival also is called by Hung King's death anniversary, known as a big national sizable festival in Vietnam to remembrance and gratitude for the foundation of the Hung Kings, the first kings of the nation...

Imperial records of Nguyen Dynasty

  •   10/02/2015 21:41
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Imperial records are documents approved in red ink by kings. Nguyen Dynasty’s Imperial records are administrative records cre-ated during the transaction of state management activities of Nguyen Dynasty (1802 – 1945), the last feudal dynasty in Viet Nam, including records of grass-root and central administrative organizations submitted to the kings for approval, records cre-ated by the kings, diplomatic notes and literature works composed by royal family...

Vietnamese architecture in general

  •   12/02/2015 21:05
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Vietnamese people not only borrow f-rom Chinese architectural style but also cre-ate their unique architecture. And after countless wars, the refinement of Vietnamese architecture is still well presented in Hanoi Old Quarter, Hoi An ancient town, Vietnam ethnic stilt houses and myriad of temples and pagodas across the country...

Art Using Bottle Scrap

Art Using Bottle Scrap

  •   18/04/2015 15:43
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Nguyen Dieu Thuy and her husband have turned bottle scrap into unique works of art which are both lucrative and environmentally friendly...

The unexpected benefits of lychee - one of Best Vietnamese Food

The unexpected benefits of lychee - one of Best Vietnamese Food

  •   22/07/2015 08:57
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Lychee season has arrived and our team would like to share with you guys some of the benefits and healing ability of this wonderful fruit – one of Best Vietnamese Food...

Religions in Vietnam

  •   15/02/2015 22:51
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Ancestral Worship: Ancestor worship, the worship of spirits and respect of the lunar calendar are the three pillars of the spiritual life of Vietnamese. Ancestor worship can be part of the living continuity of those they worship and mark belonging to the same clan. Venerating ancestors, family members express their respect, their attachment and gratitude...

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