Wood-blocks of the Nguyen Dynasty

  •   10/02/2015 09:36:24 AM
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Under the Nguyen Dynasty, due to the need to popularize social standards, compulsory articles of law, Kings’ and Lords’ life and career and historical events... the Imperial Court allowed to carve many sets of history books and literature work for delivering. During the past activities, it helped to form a special type of record, which are the woodblocks. These are the unique original records...

Nha Nhac – the Vietnamese Court Music

  •   10/02/2015 09:28:37 AM
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In its ordinary meaning, Court Music is understood as music genres, including music for dance and opera, used in worshiping ceremonies, national court – organized festivities, and occasions of entertainment for Kings and Royal families. But the term Nha Nhac (imported f-rom China) was used by Vietnamese feudal dynasties f-rom the Ho Dynasty with different meanings, for example sometimes indicating general court music, sometimes court ritual music in particular, sometimes indicating music department, even a concrete orchestra...

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